Toyen-Eclipse 1968

It’s been a long time
Since I last saw you
But I don’t care where you’ve been
Cause you ain’t felt anything
Until you’ve been with me
So come here
This very instance
For tonight’s the night
That I’m going to be with you.

My love is like theft
A redistribution of assets
You always possessed
So many fine things
While I such little.
You’re a sensitive girl
You know it’s not fair
You know it’s not right
Isn’t it about time
That you aided and abetted
Become my accomplice
My partner in crime
Tell me it is just so
By opening the gates
Spreading your legs wide
Lying bare your defences
So that I may plunder
All the treasures buried within
Despoil the sacred sanctuaries
Until you admit defeat
Capitulate utterly
And surrender possession
Of yourself in all entirety.

Love is an assassination
An elimination of identity
Now I do not know
Where I finish and you begin
Is it your mouth or mine
That forms the words
That remain forever unsaid?


68 thoughts on “Possession

      1. Oh no way. There are a few other activities that need to be included in the day, Cake. By the way this is funny – I type ‘Cake’ so often into my phone, autocorrect capitalizes it for me!

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      1. My flight was delayed two hours so yes, I’m still in the F-ing twilight zone. I’ll go back and read what I missed. I have nothing but time.

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      1. Oh, Mr. Cake! I don’t like thinking of you as miserable. 😊 Seattle has four seasons, all of which I am grateful for…I, like you, could never live somewhere perpetually sunny. Vacation, though, definitely.

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      2. I do remember this about you. 🙂 And I love you for it, not in spite of it. But as long as it’s not depression. Then, I’d be more concerned. On that note…you’ll probably like the song I’m recording on my harmonium…it’s in the dark emotion range. Will post in the next half hour.

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  1. Great start to Valentine’s Day, Mr. Cake, and here we are at Valentine’s Eve. 60cms of snow down here to day and the whole city shut down. You’ve got to love it. Puts the freeze on outdoor activities, but it mingles identities and lights up the snuggle bunny with the big red nose.

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      1. I suppose I wrote so little for so long and then edited and re -wrote then re-edited that now when I am actually a bit more productive I have just decided to let in flow, but it probably could be better, but I am afraid that I will get bogged down. It is a thought though.

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  2. What I call ‘raw’ poetry often carries loads of emotion but needs polishing to take the raw edges off. . The problem is what Ted Hughes used to call the ‘thought police”: when we revise, we tend to put more the cognitive structure in and take the raw, energetic emotion out. I guess true expertise in poetry is when we can do both: polish the structures and maintain the raw emotion. I know it’s not easy and that’s why I always keep those first drafts. I also use the phrase: “I guess” because this is an unknown area in many ways, especially when we operate by instinct, rather than by controlled, constructive thought. Hence, the enigma and the question: how do we do it? I guess the question is always the same, but answer varies for each of us.

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    1. There is a room for both I think. I suppose I am just lazy as well, I always liked Borges for that reason, he could never be bothered to write a novel so he just outlined them in his stories. But I suppose the Surrealist ethos will only take you so far.

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      1. So far and so deep: it’s what we do afterwards that is important (Paz and Lorca and Moore). I hesitate to use the word laziness. There are artistic instincts that tell us to stop when the artist within thinks it is sufficient. “No la toques mas / asi es la rosa.” Juan Ramon Jimenez. ‘Don’t play with it any more, / roses are like that.’ The key is to recognize perfection when (and if) we create it. It’s a very delicate matter.

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      2. I think I really should have been a hack, I have certain hackish tendencies. I work better if I write quickly and with lots of leaps and bounds. The more I consider anything, the more uncertain I get. The old heap of straw of St Thomas. I enjoy writing, I enjoy finishing a piece but the end product and it’s quality and it’s fate thereafter are almost a byproduct to the actual writing.

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      3. A heck of a hack. Sometimes we over analyze and look in the mirror for far too long. I like what you do: and that’s far more important. Your work on Surrealism is intriguing and very good. You are digging at the edges of a neglected and sometimes difficult topic that is more visual than verbal and you are unearthing treasures that many of us have missed. I also believe, as you well know, that the search into the depths of the individual, sometimes so frightening, yet also so much a part of Surrealism, is also the source of much of our creativity.


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