The Answer

Max Ernst-Napoleon in the Wilderness 1941

Whatever the question
I’ve probably got the answer
For I have my tricks
And techniques I know
How to entrance and enthrall
To hypnotize and bewitch
To persuade and seduce
Just come over here
And look into my eyes
Bend down and I will
Whisper softly into your ear
Everything I know
Everything I ever learnt
About want and need
And the desire born
In the darkness
Of a heart filled
With a hate more
Vast and compelling
Than the night before
The last Judgement
And the ravening appetite
That can never be sated
Though I long to return
To the primal source
And its pristine innocence
Drink me and I will eat you,
Consume you and you gorge
On me and my love
For love is rapture
A rupture between
Heaven and Earth
Love is ecstasy
A nerve flaying glimpse
Of dizzying possibilities
Love is an acid
Corroding the identity
Dissolving the ego
Acid is the answer


25 thoughts on “The Answer

  1. So love is the answer. Brilliant! I love the cocky confidence of the beginning. And it is quite seductive until you reach the part about the heart filled with such vast hate, at which point it becomes rather terrifying. And yet it circles back around to love which eats all of that away. I love it.

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      1. The Ernst painting is magnificent. The misshapen Napolean and the overstretched torso of the female in her elaborate coat or gown. Good choice. Very acid-y.

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      2. You are hilarious. Did you notice that I inadvertently created an avatar that is a floating, disembodied head? Nailed it without even trying.

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  2. Throughout this piece I found myself eager for the ending. This, of course, in the best of ways, Mr. Cake. I liken it to wanting the taste of chocolate cake to linger all my life, so we cover… eek..nothing good comes from trying to explain my rather naughty, turns out metaphor. I loved this poem. Should have left it at that. Well done.

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