Other Lives, Different Times

Nadia Maria-2017

What you dream of will one day
Flare with entropic intensity
I am aware of co-existing
Simultaneously on several planes
Threading the needle
Into alternative dimensions
Parallel co-ordinates
What is, was and will be
Blurring into a single instance
Memories are not to be trusted
That wasn’t me that did that
Not the I that I am now anyway
In this blighted shantytown
Of quantifiable materials
A dark grinding mill with
Ingenious sadistic machinery
Inside this infernal cathedral
A sacrilegious monument
To the eternal devourer
But beyond, maybe
The dancers will dance
To the music of the Spheres
Through to those imprisoned
Within delineated limits
It will only sound of silence
Myself I can hear her
Voice say with a precise
And clear elocution
The date of my summons
For my imminent execution
That is however
Only a matter of indifferent concern
For I have other selves
Existing other lives
In many places
At many different times
And at some point I will reach
The still centre that can
Never be diminished
Where the fictions of the ego,
The hallucination of space time
Vanish into an actuality
Where the divided selves
Fuse and become one
Where what you dream of
Is the source of all light.

Header Image courtesy of www.nadiamaria.com


24 thoughts on “Other Lives, Different Times

  1. I love this. Other selves, divided selves, not the I that I am now… so much of this is meaningful to me at the moment. And I love how you end it – the world is so dark, confused, obscure that only dreams have the power to illuminate. I think that is probably close to what you meant (Mr. Surrealism) and I tend to agree. At least I hope I’m right… The Nadia Maria photo is fantastic.

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    1. Thank you Meghan, you know me and my surrealism. I aimed for cosmic trippiness in this one with a bit of identity crises cast in a positive light. Nadia’s photo is fantastic and she kindly agreed to let me use it.

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      1. It’s definitely cosmically trippy. Which I love. And the identity crisis … well, that’s the story of my life!

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  2. Way to go: great poem and a wonderful photo to illustrate it. It reminds me of a poem by Quevedo with the line … soy un fue y un sera y un es cansado … I am a ‘he was’ a ‘he will be’ and a “he is” worn out. My own “rough” translation from years ago when I first met the line (1963, I think): “Tired I am, tired I was, and tired I always will be.” Oh those Baroque metaphysical poets!!! I’ve been away for a bit but hopefully I’m back now. I’ve missed you!

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  3. Interesting, what are the other selves, in different times? A thought process may follow a route that matter is the product of energy and this matter just can’t help itself from combining, evolving through attractions between positive and negative charges and hence life. Could there be a case for a theory that the evolution of life, nerve and brain structures particularly, as a conduit for energy to gain consciousness?


      1. Not a conclusion but an active theory. ‘Born’ from a dream, floating in space among the stars, the oldest childhood dream that existed before any conscious waking memory. Was it dream’t in the womb before birth? Was it the combining of energy and biological neural networks, the spark of life and material existence.
        A quick note on other-selves, an experiment in Bangor university demonstrated that a single electron can exist in two places at the same time and in theory could exist in multiple places in space and time.
        An R&D branch of Lockheed have a current experiment investigating the power of thought and space travel. The speed of thought is faster than the speed of light. Just think anyone can imagine a place and time thousands of light years away. It’s interesting stuff and I’ll skip to the point of the matter which is that if energy is our real source of life, the body is merely a machine that is evolving, the energy can exist in multiple places at the same time that are light years apart but the conscious thread is limited to individual moments. Imagine if those threads could be brought together simultaneously or packaged somehow to be viewed like watching multiple TVs of our lives across space and time. Imagine if you could think yourself in another world and you had the power to manipulate matter to host ‘the self’ in that place.
        Cheers Mr Cake happy imaginings

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  4. I love this Mr. Cake, it reminds me of infinity found in the mirror, the only way out is through the mirror, yet still finding yourself contained within another mirror. There’s only one way to stop the cycle, a hammer and shards, but is anyone up to the task of a presumed outcome?. Lovely, a nap special? It has a most dreamlike quality to it and at the same time an unsettling feel, like the nightmare you can’t wake yourself from. Leaving me with the question… do we exist only to fill a character role in the dreams of others, and that fractured existence terminates upon their waking, only to be reborn anew each time the sleeper sleeps? If this is the case there’s no chance to become self-aware, ultimately there is no self. A shared dream experience where the only connection is a fragile bewildered thread. ~ Miss Cranes

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  5. I’m sorry it took me so long to check up on you. But you’re used to me being annoying by now. Still my friend? “That wasn’t me that did that . . . Not the I that I am now anyway . . .” Perfectly sums up how I usually feel. Just wanted to stop by and say I’ve been thinking of you. Even though I’m spastic and unpredictable. You know, if I was sexy, I’d make a good reality show actress.

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    1. We are always friends, you were one of my first and I have always appreciated your support, I do miss you but I love it when you do stop by. Hopefully my quality hasn’t dropped and I expect to see on TV very soon.

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