Bring On The Night


Bring on the Night
For the Night is the time
The only time there is
For the likes of you and me
Only in the Night
With its compulsions
And its repetitions
Of obsessive desires
Can we be truly ourselves
Because in the vulgar glare
Of the censorious daylight
We are exposed to the
Prying eyes of simulacra
Of cold unfeeling automata
Bring on the Night
Let the black Sun
That absorbs all radiance
Stay high in the sky
And never set again
So that I can play
My bizarre childish games
While you work away
At your women’s work
For during the night
Magic and Alchemy
Are living realities
First the Alchemy
Of the holy word,
Word into deed,
Deed into actuality
Then the Alchemy of
Our bodies as we turn
Each other inside
Out to transmute
Our base natures into
The stuff of spiritual gold
With the admixture
Of saliva and blood
We will greedily swallow
Each other’s essence
The elixir necessary
To achieve the intensity
Required to slow
This shit right down
So that the sacred
Unholy night never ends.


39 thoughts on “Bring On The Night

  1. Black hole sun, won’t you come and wash away the pain… Sorry couldn’t resist. Turn our base natures into spiritual gold – I like that line especially. Slow that shit right down, Cake.

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    1. I am running a fever so out came this, you know me and visions and magic and alchemy….hopefully it is not formulaic though I do think I have a style or something. The Black Sun is an important concept in alchemy and the occult generally, though I am not sure what it means, plus it means different things to different groups and orders.

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      1. I honestly find the whole weird and wonderful world of alchemy a brilliant analogy for writing. I don’t necessary believe it in any literal sense or even in a Jungian sense but it has valid application to the arts.

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  2. Oh, I love this! Though in my experience, a night of such passion seems to fly by- there’s just not enough of that magical elixir. I really like-
    “Then the alchemy of our bodies as we turn each other inside out”
    Fantastic, Mr. Cake.

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    1. Thanks Em, you know I like my opposites. I am thinking of my part in the collaboration and will get back to you as soon as possible. I am very behind with pretty much everything, but I haven’t forgotten!

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  3. I read this as the transformation of those things we keep at bay during the day, but also the opposite, a cleansing, as during the ‘vulgar’ day we are preoccupied with being a lesser version of our true selves, and at night, the beauty begins. If I am right, then that is exactly how I feel about night and why it is forever my muse.

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