Island In the Sun


A succession of balconies
The series of hotel rooms
At the cruciform sun staring
Sinking beyond depthless sea
Sipping slowly sweet drinks
And swallowing bitter pills
We succumb to the dreams
That engender existence
And surrender our identity
To counter-poised influences;
Our desires equidistant
Beneath the giant fronds
Amidst this lunar landscape
With its cratered valleys
Among the cankered beaches
Away from the horror
Of our unremembered home
This sun-scorched skin
Is a torrid equatorial zone.


23 thoughts on “Island In the Sun

      1. Sorry, got carried away. I’d love to know what you’re thinking. I read it as two people going through life/existence not really knowing their true selves, playing their roles, suppressing their desires, taking the good (sweet drinks) with the bad (bitter pills) and never questioning just carrying on as if the horror wasn’t going on around them.

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      2. No you were pretty much on the money, the backdrop is Tenerife which is very lunar as well as having some pretty trashy tourist areas (and some upmarket ones as well). Hmmm well it never hurts to try a different style now and then

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      1. No you are right. Damn I forget that I mentioned Tenerife in the comments, the puzzle is blown. The painting is a Dominguez and his decalcomania paintings actually look landscapes of Tenerife in a strange way.

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      2. Yes i have twice in fact, one area is quite tatty but the landscape is very unusual. Strangely enough there are lots of plaques to say Franco stayed here, Franco ate here, you know the kind. He planned the coup from Tenerife. I found that rather disturbing.

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