The Visionary Eye


Walking down the street I entered one of those passageways that are created when a city block is undergoing renovation. It was longer than usual and I was starting to feel hemmed in. Finally it ended and I had a view of the open sky again between the buildings. It was even greyer than usual, the clouds were pregnant with rain. As I carried walking along I kept on staring at the sky, I had this anticipation of some kind of inauguration. The clouds coalesced into an eye enclosed within a triangle inside a double circle. I saw the workings of the system, all the letters and words and symbols revealed their latent content to my new self. The weight of the revelation overwhelmed me and I passed out.

In fact I was sleeping on the bus driving through the countryside, the whole vision had been a dream. I looked out of the window and saw up ahead a massive sprawling council estate that seemed oddly out-of-place in the valley that was hundreds of miles away from any urban area. The ominous feeling that everything was off-kilter only increased as the bus inched closer to the development and I could see the smoke rising from the burning buildings. The bus pulled to a halt at a bus stop even though a riot was in full swing and it was being pelted with bricks and Molotov cocktails. A stone shattered the window and hit me on the temple and I immediately lost consciousness.

But I was actually under sedation the whole time and I was lying in a hospital bed. Coming too I briefly remembered my dream within a dream, before going back to sleep.

Then I woke up for real but it felt like those Russian dolls, you open it and inside is an identical smaller doll that opens to reveal yet another identical doll only smaller and so on. A nausea inducing object lesson in infinity.



46 thoughts on “The Visionary Eye

  1. In a hospital bed under sedation – and leaving out the reason for the visit. Very mysterious, Cake. The whole dream within a dream, like Russian dolls… I like that analogy. I have a set of Russian dolls and they’ve always fascinated me, ever since I was a child. Nicely done.

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      1. I remember now. All sorts of religious connections. Great stuff, Cake. Did you see Inception? Dream within a dream within a dream…. and on and on. One needs a totem to check what state one is in.

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      2. I liked it, too. But the literalness of the dreamworlds made it more confusing as to which was reality and dream, I thought. Well, except for the folding streets in three dimensions…. Anyway, the whole idea is mind bending. I sometimes wish I would wake up.

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      3. Well, it certainly is an intriguing and universally relatable pondering… if that makes the slightest bit of sense. I worry often about what my crazy dreams are all about. Perhaps reading too much into things. Or not enough. Circle, circle…. βœ¨πŸ™ƒβœ¨

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    1. Thank you Miss Cranes, I am never really sure myself at the best of times, though I am reading a biography of Philip K Dick and I am positively grounded compared to him. I have been taking a break from writing and WordPress due to the holiday season. Hope you have had a good one. Hopefully I will remember how to write in 2017.

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