Unearthly Raptures


Another time, a different season
Another place, without reason
You and I indivisible
With desires non-negotiable

Instead I observe obsessed
Your body remaining uncaressed
Breasts uncapped by my hands
Your thighs undiscovered lands
Leading to untouched territory
An unchartered perilous country
Where there lies unknown pleasure
Unearthly rapture beyond measure
Your eyes cause ecstatic distress
Your lips an agony of excess
Your breath to me untasted
My lust so terminally belated.

With desires non-negotiable
You and I indivisible
Another place, without reason
Another time, a different season


20 thoughts on “Unearthly Raptures

  1. I think I took a picture of this EXACT statue less than a year ago, which was spooky! Beautiful isn’t it? Love has different seasons. So true.

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  2. Mr. Cake, such a well developed piece, excellent use of a rhyming scheme, subtle not forced, even a slant rhyme, L3 and L4, grand. I think you’ve made very clever use of your first stanza by using it as a repeat for the closing stanza, altering it, first-in last-out (FILO), the mirrored bookends worked splendidly. Wonderfully written poem of lust, desire and longing, leaves me with the thought, right place, right time. I thoroughly enjoyed this. ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you Miss Cranes… rhyme is something I do not use often as I feel it can be feel forced, so it is nice to know that this piece feels natural. I love mirrored bookends…I use them quite often… I like the loop, ouroboros, eternal recurrence, starting all over again. I will send you a very long poem I wrote a couple of months back, your feedback is always appreciated.

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