The Space In Between



The space in between words
Tells the tale.
You have me mistaken;
The rash itch
Of imperatives emotional,
Biological or social
I no longer
Care to scratch.
Pleasurable friction
Ultimate delusion
Double backed beasts
Are heavenly Seraphim
Yet when disentangled
Severed inter-twinned
Organisms threshing
Subsumed to nothing
Too many already
What the world needs
Now is not another
Gaping replicant
Screaming reminder
Of the remorseless
Grinding of the clocks
You yourself are enough
You are beautiful
But so are others
You are yet more
Within lies the germ
Of trans-figurance
I could make you
Yet more;
Create something
Just give to me
Your mind utterly
Surrender your soul
Absolute and completely 
Your body is yours
To give to whom
You do so choose
Just do not confuse
Fleeting ecstasies
Transitory loves
As anything other.
Just remember
That life itself
Is so unimportant.


15 thoughts on “The Space In Between

  1. Look, something new (to me anyway) … the painting is really bizarre and intriguing. Who is the artist? The female figure seems to be a grossly overinflated and now deflating blow up doll. But then then the odd mechanized figures and the ‘couple’ embracing below! (?) Your poem: the space between words – I like that. The innuendo, the thing not said can be even more. But is life itself really so unimportant?

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    1. The artist is Dali… the painting is the great masturbator… the last line is a direct lift from the Powell and Pressburger 1945 classic movie The Red Shoes… glad you liked… see The Red Shoes and watch the (almost) closing scene which explains the conflict between reality and aesthetics.

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      1. It is a ballet movie… a lush phantasmagoria that after the end of WWII extols the virtue of pure aestheticism and the necessity of art..based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. You know my own personal aesthetics always favours the fairy tale, the mythic, the visionary (eroticism is a sub-shoot of these I believe).

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