Way Now

The Great Escape-Sammy Slabbinck 2013

In a deep trance
Haunted by heavy dreams
The Melancholy Lieutenant
Said to the Ingenue

-There is a hell
Of a universe
Right next door
Let’s go there instead
Come on, what are you
Waiting for?
Way now.

The Ingénue knew
The Lieutenant well
At least in her dreams
Yeah yeah she thought

Existence is always
Somewhere elsewhere
Never here and
Certainly not now
Wherever he was is
Where he didn’t wanna be
Anywhere, please be
To God, but there.

However the Ingenue
Wasn’t quite sure,
Exactly, what it was
That she was waiting for.

And as he talked
She could picture it
The house on the hill
Overlooking the gallows tree
With its strange fruit
Of The One-Eyed One
Swinging from side to side
Waiting for two ravens
With messages from afar
This could be their Valhalla

And all she had to do
Was step through the mirror
And enter the void
Without looking back.

The Ingénue hesitated
For the briefest of instances
And then with an
Uncertain smile
Playing on her full lips
Said to the Melancholy Lieutenant
Who was paler then
A pound of China White

-Which way now then?


72 thoughts on “Way Now

  1. Good for the Ingenue, as brave or braver than the Melancholy Lieutenant, “Who was paler then
    A pound of China White”, ha-ha. Yeah, yeah, through the mirror. Mr. Cake, I love the little journey to a Hell of a Universe, dream or no dream. This is really good, a bit of head spinner.

    The artwork is fantastic, terrific collage, “The Great Escape”. Perfect title, the image reminds me of the Ice Queen.

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    1. Sammy Slabbinck
      Now that you are on the trip
      I know that you want a taste
      But please try to remember,
      Though I am sure you will forget
      That to come …
      The Road Is The Same
      poetry,taste,hermetic,mutability,free verse,everything is fire,as above so below,the road is the same,tibetan book of the dead,heraclitus,driving,sammy slabbinck,trip
      https://cakeordeathsite.wordpress.com/2016/09/17/the-road-is-the-same/ hopefully you like this one as well…I am sure you can see the connections

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      1. I didn’t think you were, anymore than Courbet. Thank you for liking my thoughts on it, it is not my usual style but I try not to repeat myself while keeping it thematic (it is all interlinked in my brain though that might be a quirk of mine).

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  2. Ah, they are finally prepared to make a move. Do they have to come up before they go down? 😉 Love how you structured this. It’s a very visual, trippy and open ended piece. Do they step through to the void? Or the hell of a universe on the other side. Leaves you wondering. Nicely done!

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      1. You don’t really think that, do you? A writer writes from the heart and soul, from the spirit of desire and wonder. When you start writing for an audience, it becomes a business (even if it’s not financially profitable) rather than a passion. You do what you want and let the audience find you. Besides, it’s brilliant…

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  3. That’s great: the great escape through the looking glass and into Lewis Carrol’s parallel universe on the other side of the mirror where the white rabbit dwells. I love it, What a contrast with my own post for today: “Where are you going next?” I ask. “Nowhere,” he shrugs. “I am just happy to be here, squatting in this line of shade that protects me from the fierce knife-blade of the sun.” I never go the hang of “squatting in even the smallest slice of shade.”

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    1. I will read your post because it sounds quite Alice like in a different way, the doorman that just sits outside the door or the Cheshire Cat advice on which way to go. The melancholy lieutenant does say it’s a hell of a universe but that could mean one of two things. Glad you liked

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  4. Seems I read this before…I always like to read the comments on your site. They are always entertaining.
    I hope they had a good time when she stepped through. And I hope they didn’t get chewed up. 🙂

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      1. I wrote a very long story once and by the end I was feeling for the characters like I feel for real people. I think that’s what makes it so hard to end a story… And sometimes they still come and tell me they have more to say…but I’m resisting them so far. 😛

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