Nadia Maria
As I noted in my previous post on the brilliant Brazilian photographer Nadia Maria, Heavenly Bodies, she derives much of her inspiration from the fleeting visions glimpsed before sleep and from dreams themselves, hence the dark evocative atmosphere she portrays so poetically in each image. Nadia Maria manages to capture perfectly the sense of imminent transformation that we all experience when we dream, where nothing is as it appears to be and everything has the potential to become something other. Here on the night-side the uncertain self is confronted with all the sublimity and terror of being.

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33 thoughts on “Transformations

  1. These are really tremendous. There seems to be a water theme even if they aren’t blatantly under water, its a watery effect. Blurry, wavy, sweeping… Since your last post, I looked up Nadia Maria, saw her shout out to you on FB and started paying attention… a lot of attention! She is really amazing. Glad for the introduction and haps for your being acknowledged!

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    1. Thank you, I would agree about the water theme, in fact there seems to be a constant theme of the models overwhelmed by elemental force if you take into consideration the constellation photographs. She certainly has a unique and poetic vision. Glad you enjoyed.

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      1. Oh I like that idea. Overwhelmed by an elemental force. Any more posts on her coming up? Also I meant to tell you I found Ellen Rogers on Instagram, she’s posted a lot of her work, it’s really something!!!


    1. Mutability will always bedevil us I think. The new art is new to me to, as a rule I rarely stray beyond 1970, but there seems to be a lot of new artists who feature work that isn’t out of place in Cakeland, even extend the borders. Glad you liked Roger

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      1. We all have doubts. Each time I revise a piece of writing, I have doubts. Clearly the original wasn’t good enough, or I wouldn’t be revising it. Is the revision sound? Have I revised the poetry out? Will the revised piece stand? Should I go back to the original? I think that the doubts are essential to us being creators and explorers. If we had no doubts we’d be happy with the morning paper, the daily crossword puzzle, our cup of tea, and the tv blazing away every night. Luckily, we aren’t. It is our doubt, our wonderment, our desire for something extra, our fear that what we have isn’t quite enough … these are the things that drive us on. If you never doubted, you would be less than human. Doubt away, my friend. Your doubts make things happen.

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      2. I know the feeling. I bought two lots of daffodils yesterday and I can sit and look at them as they slowly open. Hypnotic. Alas, we must sometimes choose between happiness, lethargy, procrastination, and that digging through that coal-dark pit of the soul that allows us to bring diamonds and other gems kicking and struggling to the surface. Not everybody is born for (or into) a comfortable creative life.

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