Paul Delvaux-The Beautiful Night 1962

We got unavoidably delayed;
The schedule was changed
Without prior notice or warning
We waited for what seemed
Like an intermittent eternity
At the station where
The train never stops
We tried to make some noise
To revive our flagging spirits
But the unbearable silence
Swallowed every sound .
On the deserted platform
We sat perfectly still and watched
The never changing reader-board
Every leaden moment bearing down
And weighing heavily upon us.

But at least love came down to us
In the end and we were together once again,
With glancing hands and looks touching
The salt of despair upon our lips,
Our hearts will break once more.


29 thoughts on “Delayed

  1. I read this late last night and couldn’t muster much of a comment. This is all Henry Green! Stuck at the station. “Every leaden moment bearing down and weighing heavily upon us.” – The burden of waiting, waiting, while nothing happens. And then with a glimmer of hope, love in the last lines, you snatch it away again. Bravo, Cake. So melancholy.

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  2. Love it: reads like Emmet land and The railway station called Long Suffering where the train never stops. At least we had clothes on to cover up our nakedness … and some heating. That’s a poem in itself! We found friendship in our situation … and brother / sister hood.

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