Ellen Rogers-Valerie 2015
The work of English analogue photographer Ellen Rogers evokes many different epochs and styles: nineteenth century fin-de-siecle Symbolism, the Golden Age of Hollywood and the Swinging Sixties. Rogers skillfully combines these disparate periods in her hand coloured photographs to create a unique and evocatively timeless realm overlaid with a ritualised erotic charge and an mysterious occult significance. The avant-garde films of occultist and author of Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger would appear to be a touchstone, especially Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome that starred the Scarlet Woman herself, Marjorie Cameron.


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44 thoughts on “Bewitched

  1. Hand colored, I like that. Blending of painting and photography. So I’m guessing Ellen Rogers is still alive? She’s a more modern artist? I will go have a look…. Nice introduction, you chose some amazing photographs to show. And once again demonstrated the interconnectedness of the art world.

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      1. Will have to keep an eye out for her work. I just found out about a free lecture series the Phila Art Museum holds on Thursdays and Fridays at 11 am. I think I’m going to take advantage of it once in a while and expand my knowledge. I can’t go this week but it’s on William Blake! Would have been cool…

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    1. I like a lot of art that I don’t post about because I aim to keep the site thematically consistent, which is quite difficult as I am limited to my choices and I am also afraid it might become quite generic and boring, so it is always nice to discover an artist that fits in well, even if I have to make connections where there is probably none. So again thank you.


      1. I did! Very much. Even though I’m inebriated I can still judge other’s writing with a clear eye, my own not so much…which is why I shouldn’t drunk post as often as I do and as I just did now

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  2. Predictable as it may be, I have always been drawn to erotica in art. In one sense I think it can be exploitative but in another, it’s too ‘bewitching’ to coin your term, to pass up. Many times we think of erotica being the realm men prefer, but I would say women not only do it equally well but appreciate it as much. The line between something ‘tasteful’ and ‘distasteful’ is a fascinating one. I cannot say I understand it enough, because sometimes I find something very grotesque very erotic – I think it says a lot about what comes into play that we consider erotic. What I do NOT find erotic is the vast majority of pornography and ‘sexy’ photography of recent years. Way too obvious. It’s also interesting to ponder the difference between a female perspective as artist and a male perspective as artist and how they render and expose the art differently.

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  3. Another lovely post Mr. Cake. Ellen Rogers has a natural flare for drama, which is evident in her work. Each still captures a story and they’re strong. Whether you find her work erotic or just provocative, she has command over her models and the camera, still high fashion, clothes or no clothes. I happen to adore her work. ~ Miss Cranes

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