Super-Imposed Love


I was seeking a greater resolution
Wishing to bring life into focus
Love, I thought,
Would throw into sharp relief
The chiaroscuro background,
The shadowed contours
Of my hidden existence.
Yes love would lend clarity
To the inane hours
Expose the precious beauty
Of everything that happens,
Just because it happens.

Compare, for instance,
The blunt contrast
Between the monochromatic
With it glistening rot;
Everything is hard here
Oh so fucking hard
Surfaces bodies smiles
All so unyielding
So potentially damaging
If you happen to
Fuck it up,
The concrete is unforgiving
Of accidental missteps
If you happen to fall
You will find
That plenty
Take advantage
Of weakness
They are unforgiving
Towards failure;
So different are
My fever dreams
That I dream of you
I envision you
Bedecked with jewels
Dripping with pearls
Surrounded by
Blank-eyes studs
And pretty doll-
Like girls that smell faintly
Of honey and vanilla,
Throughout the night,
They anoint you with oils
As they fondle
Your heavy breasts,
Tender lips bruise
Your neck
Loving finger caress
And part your sex
Many hands glide over
Your contours
Travelling to the places
Where your pleasure
The whole world feasts
On the banquet of your body,
Beloved slut,
Divine whore of my heart
You reside in a region
A timeless azure realm
Beyond good and evil
How I envy you
For reasons you can never know.
If I unlock the cage
And set you free
Would you one day
Return to me?


56 thoughts on “Super-Imposed Love

  1. To say I love this would be a huge understatement! You deserve a Mary Murphy scream! Way too many great lines to quote back to you, it’s absolutely wonderful. Okay, now I want a fever dream! Mr. Cake, I hope all is well and you’re enjoying the late evening, early morning. Please have an enjoyable week ahead. Take care. ~ Mia

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  2. Wooh – such darkness – such vulnerability. Pleasures are hard to give up and reciprocated love is hard to earn when one is locked up. I really loved this because it took a turn into something much darker but not evil. Rather poignant and triste but I still feel something – hope even that humanity is indeed alive. Enjoy yout week.

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      1. Oh don’t worry – I am not so petty if you decline the tag. It is just a bit of silliness for days I need to be less serious. Keep your elusive side. It is rather alluring. I have a bunch of awards to accept and I have already been nominated for most of them before. I am grateful but life is busy and well…… I get why people have award free blogs. I like to do these things on my terms-so if any one is being churlish- you taught me a new word btw. – it is probably me trying to pin you down 😉 ha ha! have a great week!


  3. What I read is frustration. Anger, unrequited love, separation… Love doesn’t result in clarity, it triggers those fevered dreams. Which are really nightmares as you watch your beloved slut devoured by the world.

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      1. You are most welcome, dear sir! Ha! I wrote a poem you might enjoy. Inspired by one of the Harry Clarke illustrations. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


      1. That was the way the Albigensian Heretics thought, I believe. Mind you, the Crusade was unnecessary: they would all have died out anyway with no permitted sexual contact. The concepts and codes of Courtly Love changed throughout the years, even though the name and the memory lingered on.

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      2. The Albigensian heresy was another version of the pernicious and perennial Gnostic heresy, the Church couldn’t allow it to continue. Plus if I remember correctly there were important political considerations involved. Interestingly it was strange that the various heresies could be either extremely ascetic or display unbridled license.

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  4. “The concrete is unforgiving
    Of accidental missteps
    If you happen to fall
    You will find
    That plenty
    Take advantage
    Of weakness”.-

    Love those verses in particular (I guess because they resonated with me in perhaps a personal way).
    The increasing eroticism … Desire and a wish. A rhetorical question. (*She has already flown away*)
    Excellent poem Cake!!!!! ❤

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      1. Don’t say that I will bombard you… I know your field is Greek Mythology but maybe you could help me with a projected (in my head) post about Odin, the attributes, evolution over time, the shamanistic influence, influence to the present time (including the influences I wish he hadn’t been exerted in some savoury folk). Please feel free to say no, I wouldn’t be offended. However any advise would be welcomed.

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      2. I will drop you an email if I can join you (I have your email in the comment you left me on my blog, same way you have mine. Just edit the comment and you´ll see it). My schedules are quite tight lately, I gotta tell you that… But we can see it. Is it a post that you are talking about?. Give me a few days and I will send you a note. Probably by the weekend and that way we can discuss further details, etc. xx

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      3. Will do, absolutely no pressure. I would be a post(preferably posted on a Wednesday as it is his day after all). I was thinking he is unusual in mythology because image is a high God, the All-Father and a creator god and yet is also a Dionysian god is ecstatic trances. I am right in thinking this is unusual?

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