My lust quickened senses
Compile an extensive inventory
Of your body’s geometry
An algebra of desire
Forming a composite picture
Of continuing treachery.
The curves of innocence
Ascend to the zenith
Of calculating corruption
I’ll bite you until
The blood fills my mouth
With its iron taste
I’ll bury my lips
Into your hollow core,
Divide the golden ratio
Seeking to draw out
A long withheld sigh
From your wanton mouth
Unlock from the inside
The centrifugal forces
Bisect inverted triangles
Fill your womb with
This unbearable lightness
Of being and becoming,
Watch you die Ten-
Thousand little deaths,
And then,
But only then
Will the Circle
Be Squared;
This equation resolved
To my complete satisfaction:
To my absolute regret.


48 thoughts on “Equation

      1. Thank you. As well as dissolved, the edvard munch post, the fifth instalment on small cuts (no pressure on that though) writing a prequel( that’s the plan to the return I was thinking about doing a week of posts on Toyen… what do you think? Dissolved is my priority though

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    1. Thank you very much. I have a thing for numbers in a mystical sense and the abstraction of maths seemed to be a good conceit for a calculating seducer. Then it was just a matter of shoehorning as many maths references as I could fit in.

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    1. Thank you I know you like this one with its maths references. I like it as well (I am a terrible critic of my own though, some days I love them all and other days not at all. It is a whole weekend so it’s not over yet.

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      1. Well, I hope you cope through the rest of it. I’ve had an abysmal run in the bracket challenge today. Which now that I’m ruined, perhaps I can get back to writing. 12 days and counting…. 🛩

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  1. I love “An algebra of desire” …
    NB. In your posts, you link to other posts by their customary address site/date/title (as it appear in the browser), but you often change the date of posts to put them on top, which makes the links erroneous. However, on each post you can copy the “shortlink” which does not change if you modify the date of the post. In my article on readers’ poetry I linked to your posts by their “shortlinks,” and these links remained valid while you changed the dates of these posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you like and thanks for the handy tip, I wondered about that. I wish I had the time to write more frequently but with one thing and other I often repost, now I know how to do without losing the links.


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