Pay Close Attention



Pay close attention.

Open the door, no,
Not that door, the right door
The one on the left straight ahead,
That’s it just keep on going
Nearly there now, I think;
Step inside the dissolving mirror
And what happens?
What do you see?
Come on, spit it out
I need to know
No, you can’t
Or won’t divulge.
Time now to recast
This production its
In a terminal turnaround
However the show goes on
Between the ivory thighs
Of Lady Babalon lies
The possibility of
A new beginning
Even in fact
The Second Coming
But not very likely,
In all probability
It will be
Yet another
Botched Messiah
Jesus the doomed sequel
Christ one point five
Leaving us with the
Ashen taste of revelation
My God I am tasting stars
But they are burnt-out
Extinguished, just inert
Dead heavenly bodies.
This jerry built universe
Badly designed
By a preening savant
Does it ever end?
No, the joker
Hits repeat
And it replays on
And on and on
This infernal loop.

The final curse
Is that we once saw
That unknowable face
Of the untouchable
Goddess up above.
Giving us
A distant glimmer
Of hope in this hell
Of eternal exile
Down here,
Down below.


37 thoughts on “Pay Close Attention

      1. I love that you self borrow! It stitches all of your writing together loosely. And yes, it’s very good. I like the way your mind works. Some of the most authentic writing is that which gushes forth in one flood!

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      1. Mr. Cake you are so welcome.

        I was jealous, now I’m completely envious, 20 minutes only. I don’t know how much self borrowing you did, but did, “Pay Close Attention”, this just write itself?

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      2. I woke with an old rave tune in my head that goes someone like I will take you to another dimension, pay close attention and I started to write something else but it did pretty much write itself with a little borrowing from To Come Here but that just seemed to flow

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    1. I like my mirrors as you can see from this post…All mirrors are inherently mysterious and magical. The moment when Narcissus looked into the lake and realized that what he saw reflected was at one …
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      1. I understand. I’m pondering a break myself… but I guess I’m always on the verge of that. The words seem to have a will of their own, however. If you want to collab to break the cycle, let me know. 🙂 Seriously no pressure, though. I know you’re juggling lots.

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  1. “I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure if you realize that what you heard s not what I meant…” Right?
    Chazz Vincent
    Great piece. The Night Manager, or the Night Porter?

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