Zero Zone


Blurring the outlines
Of a past
Vague and indistinct
I have forgotten
Everything except for you
Loving you was like
Playing with knives
I still bear the scars
This can be said for pain
At least you know
That you’re alive
Acutely aware
Of existing
Not so pleasure
Gentle lulling
Blissful oblivion
Tempting surrender
To an unreal moment
No wish to remember
The feel of your skin
Your soft inner thigh
Your fingers smoothing
My hair as you held
My head down there
You promised to
Take me higher
Glimpse dizzying vistas
Voyage further out
You left me
Alone to myself
In a white room
Overlooking nothing
Except bleached deserts
Terminal beaches
Atrophied cities
I sit and watch
In this neutral interval;
Blanched curtains
Moving in the breeze.


51 thoughts on “Zero Zone

      1. well for starters…there was a promise of being taking higher during oral sex…but it seems in the end, instead of being sexually (and perhaps mentally) were left with knife scars…all ALONE…in a white room.
        This sounds kinda sad to me. No?

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  1. Mr. Cake, so true happiness does write white. Another wonderful poem, you did manage to capture a lot of desolation though the use of vanilla. Especially in the last eleven lines, which are my favorites. Wonderful painting by Kay Sage. Question, was your writing influenced by the painting, or is the artwork an after fact to accompany your poem? ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. The art work I picked after the poem, but I am haunted by those desolate visions so maybe they played a part in the creation. I think that usually I pick pieces that convey the mood of a story or poem.

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      1. oh, don’t feel bad. Lots of people repost things. Though what have you decided about Twitter? Only 140 characters, you know? πŸ˜‰

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      2. We’ll remind you. 😊 And yes! The sci fi! I’m excited about that. I’ve always wanted to write sci fi because it’s my favorite to read. I just need to know more about the particular artists we’re going to feature the most. How do we figure that out?

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  2. “This can be said for pain / At least you know / That you’re alive \ Acutely aware / Of existing.” Good quote. And a perfect setting for the flu bug that has decided to visit me. I lie awake at night thinking “at least I’m still alive” (moan, wheeze, cough)! It’s a good quote for the Scots too, I would imagine, after Saturday.

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    1. Thanks Roger, this is me at my most abstract. Sorry that you are ill, hope you get better soon. As for the rugby, can Ireland spoil England double record breaking run? England were impressive to say the least against Scotland.


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