More Beautiful Still


You are the bride
Stripped bare by the
Vestal bachelors, even.
I would strip you down
To the very bone,
To burn myself
On the upside down flame
That is your heart.

For you to me
Are as beautiful as
A lipstick stained cigarette
Held between trembling fingers:
More beautiful still
Than the parted legs
Of an architect’s divider
Bisecting a wearying,
Unwavering straight line:
Even more beautiful
Than a roiling dark cloud
Pregnant with heavy rain:
As beautiful as
A string of zeroes and O’s
Still more beautiful
Than the city in summer
Festering like an open wound
Still as beautiful, even
As the angle
Between two walls.

Will the conjunction
In the heavenly zones
Between your beauty
And my uncertain,
Flickering self
Result in a happy ending?


54 thoughts on “More Beautiful Still

      1. Truly? Poetry is difficult. My editor used to work for Simon & Schuster. (He freelances now, needed a break from the rat race) Anyway, he tells me the last successful book of poetry they published was Tupak Shakur’s posthumous lyrics. And even that only went “one run” in print. However, poetry is a labor of love and sales should not be the motivator for publishing. Don’t hide your light under a barrel (or however that saying goes).

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  1. This is marvelous, and you end it with a question, I love that! The artwork by Cornell is stunning, it sets the mood perfectly. So many wonderful visuals, I found myself smiling the entire time I was reading you poem. Mr. Cake this is really something, really! A few of my favorite images, “upside down flame”, “lipstick stained cigarette” and “Pregnant with heavy rain”. Well I could quote the entire poem back to you, this is freckled with lovely mind spinning thoughts. ~ Mia

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      1. Help me here…How is one “deliberately surreal” opposed to, just being surreal? I would think and please correct me, you need a certain mind set and a plan when you start the piece. I did notice the math references, yet too busy reading to notice the evens and odds, clever. Smuttiness or inferred smuttiness is always embraced, as is Freud, he’s so generous with his thoughts, love that about him.

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  2. Masterfully crafted. I notice the flame reference in the opening and closing stanzas – at least I got images of your flame flickering, but perhaps you yourself were flickering? Either way, interesting contrasts. 🙂

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