Negative Revelation

Max Ernst-Long Live Love 1923

My love for you
Was a negative revelation
The intensity of the darkness
Where we embraced
Outshone the brilliance
Of the heavens above.

You were beyond understanding
No words I utter could delineate you,
Beyond mere comprehension;
How could I possibly define you
The meaning of your innermost being
Eluded me though I pursued you
And search for you still from place to place
Down the avenues, up the highways
And through the byways of a transformed city
I’m standing on the corner just waiting
For the moment that our paths cross
Once again in the hope of that succour
That escapes me even in my dreams
To listen to the swelling ocean inside
Avert my gaze from the dual
Suns of your blazing eyes
Inhale the scented distemper
Of your rapid breathing
Traverse the landscape of your body
The contoured dunes, the flooded valleys.


39 thoughts on “Negative Revelation

      1. Yes, a good wow, of course. Your poetry is quite stimulating, and shows another side of your mind and personality. And that’s fascinating…I like that idea. Of course, I don’t necessarily believe in a god, but am willing to entertain many philosophies.

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      2. It is a beautiful doctrine, very poetic and like all mysticism is has that erotic undercurrent. I really should be writing my novel, but I am feeling very unfocused, even though my plan was just to repost for a whole week to concentrate on the novel. Oh well.

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      3. I wish I had the time to read all the things you have made me aware of. πŸ™‚ And I am likewise a bit disjointed lately, so I understand. Are you going to go through traditional publishing for this novel?

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      4. Well I have been posting parts of it here (Tempting Fate) and Meg has been helping with the editing, but yes, the idea would to be published, though I haven’t the foggiest idea of how you go about.

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      5. I was raised Presbyterian, so I know some of the Bible myself. But, over time and my political science education, I became quite skeptical. I can still appreciate some of the “lessons” it offers, though. And I’m not surprised you know your Bible. It’s worth knowing.

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  1. That is a lot of darkness – to outshine the brilliance of heaven above. And I like the impossibility of darkness ‘shining’. Very passionate and slightly desperate sounding. I love it. And if this is what came to you in lieu of working on TF? It’s a fair trade!

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      1. Yes exactly. And you worked in above and below as well. You’ve got the idea for the next part, right? Can you write enough to post Sunday? I could manage to edit I think. No pressure though

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      1. Just don’t try to force it… it will come. I gave up writing for years and used to craft everything. Now I only write poetry when inspired (usually after a nap) and I barely edit (though Roger is always taking me to task for that, says they are good but could be better). So just wait for the moment it will come.

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