Max Ernst-The Garden of France

Just close your eyes,
And open your legs.

The curvature of your
Soft inner thigh leading
To the downy raw hollow
Seems to me like a promise
That the door to paradise
Will open up wide enough
To swallow my entire being whole:
Do I dare to enter the void
That I spent my life staring longingly into,
Maybe if I bury myself deep enough inside you
Then a curvature will result
In the seemingly inexorable forward flow of time
And I can return again to that place I never
Wanted to leave in the first instance
Floating in a protective bubble
In the gloved darkness
Nurtured by your essence
The curvature of my posture
Recapitulates the evolution
Of every species as they lose the innocence
Of a blessed total symmetry
The result of some fashion of a fall
And all the time as I
Remember and forget such knowledge,
The curvature of your belly
Mirrors the world and further still
Of suns, galaxies and universes
Until you burst open with a creation
That can no longer be contained
And I scream my discontent
At my expulsion from Eden
Until I find succour
At the curvature of your breast.


44 thoughts on “Curvature

  1. Lovely, all those curves, including the curve in time leading him back into paradise. Your poems are like the art you share-thought provoking and kinda trippy. 😉

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    1. Thank you.. I woke up this morning with the word in my head and so I got to thinking for curves, thighs, a women’s belly when pregnant… how a baby postures is curved inside the womb and I thought… crazed Freudian psychodrama. This is the end result. Thank you for the trippy bit, I take that as a compliment. Though I do worry that this is how my head is.

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      1. That’s awesome. I love when I get inspiration like that. Trippy is indeed a compliment and if your head is like that, good. Normal is overrated. 😛

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  2. Mr. Cake, is this another nap special? “Curvature” is really, really terrific. I see you are very familiar with the process, quite something isn’t it? The “forget to remember” or “remember to forget” is the toughest part of the entire business.

    Truly what would Freud say? Honestly, I think he would miss the mark entirely, but there are a lot of clever suggestions contained within your words which might lead to a label.

    The writing in verse is absolutely brilliant, as are the visuals that you’ve created. Every line is terrific, I don’t know how you do it. Wonderful use of worlds within worlds.

    The artwork that you selected is perfect, hmm.. Max Ernst, “The Garden of France”, so imaginative, it looks a bit like a map, but more so like a cross section of human anatomy.

    E X C E L L E N T ! ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you… it was kind of a nap special… I woke up this morning and said curvature (I do shit like that) so I got to thinking about curves… a curve in time, a women’s belly when pregnant, thighs…and out came this crazed Freudian psychodrama. It took a long while to select an image but it had the right amount of curves with various different meanings so I thought this goes together. I think the surrealists beat me to my subject matter. Thank you for the kind comments.

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