A Week of Max Ernst: Wednesday

Rendezvous of Friends-Max Ernst 1922
On seeing this imaginary group portrait in Cologne recently I was struck immediately by the self portrait of Ernst, who is number 4 in the painting’s key and is sitting on Dosteyevsky’s (number 6) knee. Although Ernst is left of centre and has no special prominence in the composition the striking features, luminescent hair and pale skin draw your attention. Perhaps this explains the fascination that Ernst exercised over a number of beautiful, talented women throughout his life, including number 16 in the painting, Gala Eluard (late to become Gala Dali). For 1924 to 1927 Ernst was to be involved in a menage-a-trois with Gala and her husband, Paul Eluard, the poet responsible for the unforgettable Surrealist poem ‘The World Is Blue As An Orange’. Eluard is also represented in the painting, number 9 in the key, standing next to Raphael.

Atop a craggy cliff, under snowy peaks during a solar eclipse (signifying revolutionary change in art, politics and society) the members of the mouvement flou and their artistic forebearers gather. Andre Breton (number 13) wearing a red magician’s cape and touching the apparition in the sky is clearly the leader of the group and therefore assumes the role of  psycho-pomp guiding his followers through the previously uncharted realm of the unconscious, where they will emerge from to create a new reality, the SUR-REALITY.

56 thoughts on “A Week of Max Ernst: Wednesday

      1. Unbelievable… I love Barcelona but I thought all the talk about turning around that deficit was just talk… then they go and do it… three goals in the last seven minutes

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      2. Aha! I also didn’t see that there was a key to the characters. My fault. For some reason on the computer I can’t enlarge the image but I can on my iPad. Sorry about that.

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      1. It generated some remarkable poetry, especially from the poets, not real Surrealists, who first used then adapted its techniques. I am thinking of Paz and Lorca, but there are many others.

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  1. I think they’re on the moon or something. In the future? Perhaps they time traveled together. I like that he painted them all together. You know, we overlooked on reason he might have been a hit with the ladies… maybe he was just really good in the bedroom(or wherever he had fun).

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    1. You are funny, that probably had something to do with it but how were they to know beforehand? I think they time travelled back to pick up the older artists then went to the moon in the future.

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      1. People talk, sweet Cake. You think that whole incestuous group didn’t talk about this stuff? Hmm, to be a fly on the wall…
        Yes. I think they did exactly that.

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    2. Vic, this could be the science fiction story we were going to collaborate on. The Surrealists steal a time machine, go back and collect their predecessors and in a paradox, Max Ernst’s reputation with the ladies is already established before it even happens.

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      1. In the far distant past some cataclysm re shaped the continents. Or some future event somehow impacted the past – via some fissure due to the impact of time travel. Sort of an ‘environmental consequence’ no one foresees and it all happens to the past not the future. Which paradoxically affects the future but no one realizes it until they have visited the past and returned to the changed future.

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