Blood & Fire & The Night


Born into a world not
Of mine own creation,
Sickened by the strictures
And structures installed
By unincorporated architects
Malignant divinities
Hybrid Demiurges
Absentee overseers:
Overhead ravens circle
Watching their prey below
Dying by increments:
Yes the twins will reign
Down terror in heaven,
Feast on the bluest meat
Drink the bloodiest wine
Kiss each other’s crimson lips
Transferring an inherent corruption
Tonight the city is alit
With the fires
Of long ago summers
Raging again
Throughout my veins
My body always betrays
Our confused desires
That then putrefies
Sending coruscating poisons
Through our comprised systems.

How could we begin to ever comprehend?


46 thoughts on “Blood & Fire & The Night

  1. I like this. I read it twice and it got even better. It has a really good energy to it. And my first thought on seeing that picture was -mardi gras. 😛

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      1. Yes, I like them too. I pretty much like all the big cats but not so much the little ones. Though I’m kind of over pets in general at this point.

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      1. I just posted a poem but nobody’s looked at it yet because it’s a weird hour on a weekend. But, it had some city vibes, too, so when I read this one after, it was kind of cool synchronicity.

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