Heavenly Bodies

Nadia Maria
The ethereal portraits of Brazilian photographer Nadia Maria evokes the mysterious borderland between waking and dreams. Citing the hypnagogic visions glimpsed in the moments before sleep as the primary source of her creativity, Maria shows solitary figures (usually women) enmeshed in constellations of stars or seemingly about to undergo a transformation to an entirely different order of being. These photographs confront us with the beautifully bizarre revelations that we each experience nightly when we close our eyes and that we seek to dismiss  every morning; though no light is strong enough to totally dispel that blissful darkness that is the source of all true inspiration.


48 thoughts on “Heavenly Bodies

  1. Oh, I like these. My favorite is the one with what looks like tree roots or lightning on her back and the last one, where it looks like she’s emerging from smoke. Beautiful work.

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      1. Good morning. I am not the least surprised these caught your attention. In some of her photos – they may be older ones, the images dissolve into ‘smoke’ -you may have come across them in your search. Anyway, really beautiful. Hope you’re improving.

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      1. No worries! I know you will when you can. I’m sorry to hear you’re not well and I hope you recover soon! Is the flu going around over there?

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      1. I like photography a lot, and it was probably the Surrealist medium par excellence. It’s impact on painting is limited, literature wise mainly on French and while movies incorporated surrealistic effects it was quickly subsumed into the vast repertoire of available techniques, but its impact on photography has been immense, hence the amount of photography on the site.


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