An Unsentimental Education


I refuse to be
Just another sentence
In your story.

Loitering around
Like a skiving schoolboy
Hands deep in shapeless pockets
Vainly searching for loose coins
Or bent cigarettes
Restlessly looking out
For amusement
To keep me occupied
Until the instant
When you remember
The mystique of arousal
Yes those fires of summer
Will rage again
I will not let you
Deny your desires
To yourself again
Persuade you to admit
The depths of attraction
Stage manage the occasion
For your surrender
And listen with delight
As you whisper into my ear
Long contained obscenities
Teach you with a truly
Sadistic patience
My philosophy in the bedroom
Nice and slow
Whoa now
Sleazy does it
Until the moment comes
When youโ€™re good
And willing
To go out into
That great beyond
And divide others
And conquer accordingly.


82 thoughts on “An Unsentimental Education

      1. No, it’s perfect. The dreamy expression on his face compared to what he’s thinking (provided of course that he’s the narrator) – what he’d like to do to her instead of handling (pun intended) it himself…

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      1. Indeed. Important to assess those desires now and then and find out what’s stopping you, and then find ways to make things happen. You’ve got me all introspective now today. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the fire!

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  1. Tight! Ha, love the title, โ€œAn Unsentimental Educationโ€, I find quite provocative and very fun. Wonderfully written with a beautiful flow. Filled with one great line after the other, and humor too! A terrific poem, worthy of several reads. (Envious, stellar work!) Please have a lovely Thursday Mr. Cake. ~ Mia

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