Modern Hotel Rooms



We get along better
Far away from home
In modern hotel rooms.
They become us
No horror here
Not when you are
This high up anyway
The Thirty Third floor
Down below maybe
With it uncertainties
And the people
Walking between
Fearful terraces
Realm of coruscating
Trapped sunlight
Down there
Out of place
We feel and are
Not for the likes
Of you and me
Better to stay
Up here watching
Inside a cliff face
Rarefied altitude
Closer to a heaven
Of promised oblivion
Then the hell
Around every corner
Down there, below.

Hotel rooms have to be
Absolutely modern
Belonging to no one
Except the absentee owners
Hilton-Tetragrammaton Inc
Trading as the Very
Heavenly Heaven Hotels
Registered in Paradise, NV
Ten miles above the Strip
Somewhere in the stratosphere
Belonging to the now
Existing only for a moment
Nothing of other past
Occupants must remain
As our traces in time
Will be likewise eradicated
For you and me dear
Are ourselves only
Temporary residents
Restlessly shuffling
In between places
Solace seeking
Desiring respite
From ourselves
Here in these rooms
Devoid of relevance
Of even semblance
Except the resemblance
To other rooms
The urgent necessities
Of our inmost beings
Can be unleashed
We can be free
Not to be ourselves
Shed the accumulations
Of settled habits
The accrued hours
Between these walls
So neutrally tinted
May we be granted
Requisite anonymity
To become, at last
Something other than
What we have become.


42 thoughts on “Modern Hotel Rooms

  1. “Nothing of other past
    Occupants must remain
    As our traces in time
    Will be likewise eradicated” Love this passage…and the last three lines. Perfection.

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  2. At first this reminded me of The Shining hotel, then it reminded me of The Returned, where when the character died, he ended up in an empty hotel that was like neither life nor death but a waiting staging area where he had to work out who he was, with the stillness of the hotel in the background. I then re-read and wondered, what inspired this? Usually I can tell but wasn’t certain this time.

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    1. I like hotel rooms you can lose your personality in a hotel room. A hotel corridor is a parody of infinity. The trend of modern building is of a place that exists outside its actual location. Is it a good thing that you cannot see the source of inspiration or a bad thing?

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      1. I thought so. I’m glad I understood it the way you wrote it, I think that’s why I thought of those shows/films because it was as you say, a parody of infinity. Deep! Love it!

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  3. This is fantastic, Cake! I’m going to read this a few times I enjoyed it so much. Hotels are also a source of interesting experience and fascination for me…if nothing else for people observing. A snapshot in time of souls intersecting.

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      1. Of course its allowed. In this case it makes a repeat reader stop and think, “hey, I know that place…” The poem is excellent. A poem is subjective to the reader so if it provokes a response, then it is a good poem. I hope Max won big. And the return to the casino was the dream. I’d love to see that story continued and eventually resolved.

        I read “A Distant Light” the other night. Too late to comment. I’m just waking and I need some coffee but I’ll go comment there sometime this morning.

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    1. Thank you Roger… I haven’t read your poems on storks, I certainly will if you would do me the kindness of sending them. My main impression for this where 1)As above, so below, from the Emerald Tablet, which features quite a lot in my work. Hence the marrying of Hilton (a very earthly concern) with the Tetragrammaton. 2)Baudelaire’s ‘horror of home’. The hotel room
      is nowhere, up in the air, a banal utopia, no horror here. 3).Rimbaud injunction that ‘we must be absolutely modern’. 4).Hotel rooms themselves, which I have a strange liking of. Thanks for the kind comments

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  4. Always so original cake. Your work continues to be so moist and mouth watering. We’ve released a rough draft for our new short story called eaten an Eskimo and we would love your feedback. It needs to be edited, but I’m just trying to get all the feedback I can before I go to the nest level

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      1. Thanks, buddy. Keep in mind its a rough draft, I’m getting a lot of complaints about the grammar and miss spellings, but i need an editor. Would like to know what you think of the story cake


  5. Love it: but only the 33rd floor? It must be a twenty-five story building then! Sorry: the news is starting to get to me. I also watched Wales lose to a very committed and skillful Scottish team. Ireland were tremendous against France. Connor Murray and John Sexton: what a great pair of halfbacks, of 9s and 10’s as they now are. So aware of space and with an ability to create space even with today’s tight defenses. Perhaps they are libertine half-backs, totally aware of the moment? The Marquis de Sexton?

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      1. There were some problems with the site I quoted earlier and it has been taken down. Alas: I have the work here on my computer, but it is no longer public. I’ll try and work on that. meanwhile: the Marquis de Sexton is definitely something else. Great player.

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