Toyen-A l’entree du silence 1954

Here’s another,
Here’s another chance…

I have never really been present
In the right here,
The right now.
I am never fully awake
Until I close my eyes
And live the dreamlife.

Haunted by the memory of the woman
Who was in turn possessed
By another love
Who bore a supernatural
Resemblance to the original
Girl I loved long ago who was
Haunted by the memory.

But here’s another,
Here’s another…

You remind me of someone,
Yes someone I once knew.
If only you were a little blonder
And would change the clothes you wear
That shade of lipstick is all wrong
Here, try this on
It’s not exact
But maybe it will do
In this half light yes
You could even be her.
And while drowning in your grey eyes
I see reflected
Back at me my own copper eyes
Then I see myself
In your body and in turn
Your body in mine
If only we could come
Together as one
Merging indivisible
After all it may not be impossible
Identities can have a tendency
To converge at a certain intensity
When the world outside this room
Recedes and is finally banished
When the only reality
Is that of pure sensation.

So here’s another,
Here’s another, here’s another:
Here’s another chance
For you to be with me,
Just come to me
And I’ll turn you on to the dreamlife.


73 thoughts on “Dreamlife

      1. Incredibly difficult times for everyone, perhaps especially artists, trying to thrive artistically as well as literally and against all the odds. I wonder how todays art will reflect the times we live in? We shall have to wait and see, they do say it takes half a century or so to really see. For me its historical, but that whole era of war was so chaotic, its difficult to relate to directly

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      2. I am not sure how today’s art will look in half a century. Art and the meaning and importance of art has changed. The Surrealists were a lot more ambitious about the potential of their to change the world, to the point of being misguided. Great art though.

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    1. This was a delayed dream special, as I commented I watch Vertigo yesterday which I had seen before but I had completely forgot the whole movie which is odd, I have a good memory of movies and other useless stuff. It really is a bizarre movie and the whole haunted section came to me. I gave it the Cake treatment however.

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      1. It is a weird film and very out of character for Jimmy Stewart. (Remind me to tell though about my 2 degrees of separation from Jimmy sometime.) obsession, possession, transformation. Very cake-ified however. I really like it. Copper eyes: as in golden brown or verde gris?

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      2. Alright, here goes: My father was considerably older than my mother when he married her – 20 years difference. Old enough that he and James Stewart were contemporaries, and having gone to the same prep school, I have an old photo of the two of them in the band or glee club or something. Anyway Dad knew Jimmy before he was famous.

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      3. You’re American you don’t know what foul language is. Manners is more than that anyway, it is the realisation that there are other people in the world and trying to take their feelings into account. Sometimes I am good, other times not so good.

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  1. Mr. Cake, this is a fabulous poem, in fact the second stanza is perfect, very thought-provoking. I don’t know why, but L. Ron comes to mind, curious. The Toyen is a wonderful choice to use with your poem, her work is always exceptional. You really are quite the poet, your poetry make me think and also makes me smile. ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. I can see the L.Ron, after all he borrowed occultist theory and practice quite freely to come up with his confection of Dianetics. You know my love of Toyen’s work and thank you for the compliments. I aim to please as well as to mystify.

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  2. wow! again . This had me from until the last word. What do they call that thing where you ; go her’s another – her’es another?

    You wouldn’t think I am doing an MA in CW – Well -I say go big or go home. This made me feel like you were speaking directly to me!
    Surreal and spooky and well paced.

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    1. Fabian Marti-Komposition fur eine Rhombus-2008While researching the rather sinister figure of Georges Bataille, the author of the infamous …
      occult,swords,composition for a rhombus,nudes,mirror images,the story of the eye,the witch’s cradle,georges bataille,marcel duchamp,secret societies,rituals,acephale,maya deren
      This is not a poem but I thought it might appeal to you


  3. Reblogged this on rocksandbones and commented:
    Wonderfully haunting stuff exploring how we inflect and impress our own dreams, desires and obsessions onto the ones we think we love…do we in fact love the ‘real’ them or a composite of our own dreaming?


  4. This is superb and kind of reflects some of the same questions of ‘reality’ that your post on the Magritte paining raised. I hope you don’t mind but I have reblogged this. Since I read your Magritte post I have been thinking a lot about the dream life and was writing a poem about the landscape of nightmares which are unique to our own subconscious terrors, though, like the Magritte, bland in themselves. It is nowhere near as good as this.

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    1. You are too kind and way too complimentary to me. I write poems after a nap usually and very quickly. I like to think that my stories, poems, art posts, book posts and erotica forms a vaguely coherent whole, without being monk-thematic. Thanks for the re-blog and comment and support, it is always really appreciated.

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