Dreams of Desire 49 (Union Libre)

Leon Ferrari-Union Libre 2004
Quite by chance (regulars readers will know how highly I regard thar particular concept, after all a throw of the dice will never abolish chance) I came upon this beautiful work by Leon Ferrari, a photograph embossed in Braille with one of my favourite poems, Andre Breton’s magnificent Free Union (click link to view English translation). The photograph with the mirror reflecting is reminiscent of  Man Ray ( Dreams of Desire 25 (Return to Reason), Brassai (Dreams of Desire 47 (Brassai) and the many photographers who engaged with Golden Age Surrealism: at once sensual, elusive and utterly mysterious.

54 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 49 (Union Libre)

    1. Well once I had found this I couldn’t neglect it… a nude, a mirror and Free Union all in one place… chance is a wonderful thing, I was looking at sometime quite different but this showed up. Although it is quite new it feels like golden age Surrealism

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      1. Not really but I might be able to have a crack at it nearer the end of the week… I would really like to post on Saturday… I am keeping up pretty much with my self imposed schedule for the rest of the site… it’s just the fiction… ahhh well

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      2. Hmmm well maybe this is the end of the Kali Yuga… before a new world can begin the old has to be destroyed. Certainly something is in the air and dark times are ahead. My issue is more temporal than political I think, I just need more time to concentrate and look at the eternity implicit in International Klein Blue.

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      3. What?! and become disoriented and unsettled? Hmmm maybe that’s just what TF needs… So… in other matters. I want to sketch something of Cake. I’ve done enough hands. What would you let me sketch? How about an extreme profile? Where you really can’t see your face?

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  1. Wow. I wonder if that’s the whole poem in Braille because it’s quite a long poem. I love this concept. Kinda lets you fulfill the desire to touch.

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      1. What? Would I do that? 😁 I don’t know what the place is where you said it’s located but I assumed museum. Couldn’t you ask if you could read the Braille? 😋

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