Another Rush

Sammy Slabbinck

I can feel another
I can feel
I can feel another rush coming on
Coursing around my body
Travelling up my veins
Dispersing through my cells
Flooding my mind
With pure sensation
Opening my eyes
And I see once again
All the ones I loved
And loved me in return
For a while at least anyway
I can feel another
I can feel
Your nude flesh against mine
The hand that grips in desperation
Bruising the tender skin
Can also caress and sooth
Assuage all the pain
Involved in loving another
I can feel again
Another rush coming on
Because I am rushing
Towards that half glimpsed paradise
That I see when I look towards the west
And I get the strangest feeling
At the moment when the mountain
Slides into the sea


47 thoughts on “Another Rush

    1. Thank you Vic. I had in my head the whole I can feel another bit and I had my nap and woke up and the line about the mountain sliding in the sea occurred to me. It is perfect for me as it combines the apocalyptic and the erotic and the surreal.

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  1. There are many little jewels here, Cake.”opening my eyes and seeing all the ones I loved and loved me in return” and “assuage all the pain involved in loving another” then finally “half glimpsed paradise.” In one instance you see so clearly and in another it’s fleeting. Love the poem, Night Manager

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      1. Well dreamlife had here’s another chance refrain going through it, I liked the device and it is a completely different poem but I will try not to over use it. That is the problem with writing spontaneously with little or no editing, the repetition of certain phrases. But overall I don’t think I repeat myself excessively.

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  2. Very deep poem here, thanks for sharing. Would love your feedback on a couple of our stories at our Gastradamus blog. Please let us know what you think of Lardy Arms and rutjob, your feedback would boost things for my blog, stay cool hugh

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    1. Thank you Roger, another nap special. I had the refrain in my head when I when to sleep and the lines about the mountain and the sea occurred to me when I woke up. The rest is connecting, though I borrowed the technique of fading the refrain in and out. Poetry can come from all directions.


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