Isn’t Even A Memory

Yves Tanguy

We left it so long, and almost too late
I was cruel, calculating how to
Make your pale transparent skin
Flower with violet crescent bruises
While you were cold, barely
Acknowledging that I only
Existed in relation to you
Steel in the heart, ice in the veins
The cold metallic taste of need
And despair in our mouths
But now that our days aren’t
Even numbered, down to the
Last rapidly varnishing hours
I realise that all we needed
Was this stifled tenderness.
Why is our nature so perverse?
Constantly denying ourselves the
Succour we so desperately crave.

For tomorrow the sun will rise
Over an empty frozen world
All struggle has ceased, nothing has survived
Silence has reclaimed it’s domain
The sinister beauty of destruction
The blissful inevitability of
Annihilation quenching the raging
Fire that courses through the blood
Now that all earthly existence
Isn’t even a memory.


45 thoughts on “Isn’t Even A Memory

      1. Why too heavy? If this speaks to you, you write it. It’s macrocosmic, feels bigger and more all encompassing. When your personal world feels like its coming apart all around you, doesn’t it feel bigger than just you? That’s kind of what it reminded me of. It’s brilliant. And I love it. Your naps really serve you well.

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      2. That is the way it is meant to be read, their relationship mirrors the cosmic dissolution. Now that I have thought about I think I was unconsciously thinking about Tanguy and Sage’s relationship when I took my nap. A difficult one to say the least, but an intense love.

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  1. Written as a true Surrealist. I read above this is another “nap special”, a very dreamlike quality. The brooding inhospitable atmosphere is lovely, especially with the thought of “an empty frozen world” and the “annihilation” of everything, except silence, in fact returning order to the world. Bravo Mr. Cake, Bravo! ~ Miss Cranes

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      1. I did, after I posted my comment I realized I forgot to mention your image selection, a wonderful choice. No, don’t stop hanging out with the lovely ghosts, especially if you produce poetry like this.

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      1. I subscribe to the idle rogue school of writing… I prefer it when it is quick and effortless without bothering too much about the details… hence the vital necessity of a good editor… thank you Meg… she also prods me when I get distracted

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