Catherine Deneuve

Man Ray-Catherine Deneuve 1968
One of many celebrity portraits that Man Ray photographed during his career. As well as being one of the most beautiful actress to ever grace the screen Catherine Deneuve starred in two Bunuel movies, most notably as the housewife who turns prostitute by day to satisfy her masochistic impulses in Belle Du Jour. Her cool and aloof screen persona in the 60’s seemed to bring out a sadistic streak in her directors, especially Polanski’s Repulsion. It surprising that Hitchcock never cast her as in many ways she was the ideal Hitchcockian heroine, icy, inaccessible and above all blonde.

Catherine Deneuve remains active in movies after five decades in the business; other noteworthy movies is the trashy but enjoyable lesbian vampire flick The Hunger and Lars Von Triers Dancer in the Dark.

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    1. A classic beauty indeed. You are correct, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon were her co-stars, also William Dafoe made his debut in a cameo. I love Bowie but an actor he was not. His best role was in The Man who fell to earth but he is basically playing his weird extraterrestrial 70’s persona in that movie, strung out on speedballs. Catherine is ravishing in The Hunger and imparts a genuine pathos to the 3000 year old bisexual vampire, quite a feat really. She become a bit of a lesbian icon after The Hunger.

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