Dreams of Desire 46 (Simone Kahn)

Man Ray-Simone Kahn 1927

Simone Kahn, pictured above with a Vanuatu figure was the first Mrs Breton (for details of Andre Breton second marriage see Dreams of Desire 16 (Jacqueline and Frida), was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Peru in 1897.

She married Andre in 1921 and was involved in the trance events that was instrumental in the formation of Surrealism. Andre Breton remarked that she was a living encyclopedia and was the only one of the Surrealists who had read Marx’s Das Kapital in full.

Their marriage which lasted ten years was rather turbulent, as although both believed in the idea of a Free Union, the reality was somewhat different and neither was immune from jealously. However after their divorce in 1931 and despite further marriages they continued to correspond for the next three decades.

60 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 46 (Simone Kahn)

      1. I think because it was probably knocking around the Breton’s gaffe more than anything. Breton was a major collector of Polynesian artefacts. I will send you a link that goes into more detail.

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      2. The Surrealist Map of the World 1929 VariétésSeveral odd features immediately strike the viewer of this 1929 map first published in a special issue …
        Redraw the Map, Re-Write History and Re-Invent Reality
        anarchism,andre breton,capitalism,map,frida kahlo,politics,polynesnia,colonalism,communism,surrealism,easter island

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      3. Right! I remember that one. So that makes sense with an affinity for the Polynesian and Native populations of the Americas. And to leave Peru alone in the map of S. America – a nod to Simone, perhaps?

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      4. Quite possibly, I hadn’t thought about that before. His third wife was Chilean (its her picture featured with Free Union). Everything is inter-connected in Cakeland. I have often wanted to set a story in that world the map portrays.

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      5. Writing an alternate universe. Some great cataclysm in the distant past? or just a warping of of perception? That would be an exceptional undertaking… Have you read the Man In the High Castle? I am trying to decide whether or not to watch the series on Amazon or read the book first….

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  1. I am a great believer in B&W photography. I also like turning my colour slides into B&W and tonal and grey scale. The photo is fascinating, sculpture and all. Best wishes for the New Year: may it be truly surreal!

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    1. Thank you Roger same to you as well. I will be visiting your site shortly to catch up, sorry but that intrusive reality. I love black and white photography and I love Man Ray who seemed incapable of taking a bad one.

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  2. Lovely Man Ray photo of Simone Kahn. Even upside-down she looks great, especially being a living encyclopedia. I don’t know if I’ve already wished you a Happy New Year Mr. Cake, ah well, Happy New Year, may 2017 be the year you publish one of your many projects! ~ Miss Cranes

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  3. Yes, why do you ask? Would you like to test me by sending me you worst posts? You have definitely more text than I have in my posts and less mistakes in your spelling. Me showing you your mistake was just a desperate attempt to find any flaws.

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      1. How very interesting. Well, short stories I am very fond of as well. Otherwise it is more like: the bigger a book the better. But haiku I truly love. There is one I got to know in Ghent, Belgium, by a poet from Hongkong, do you want to hear it?

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