Dreams of Desire 45 (Leebra)

Man Ray-Portrait of Lee Miller (Leebra) 1930
As regulars visitors will know, I have an unending fascination with the romance and creative collaboration between Man Ray and Lee Miller. I recently discovered this wonderful and wittily titled photograph of Lee taken by Man Ray in The Lives of Lee Miller written by her son Antony Penrose.

Man Ray work frequently featured the technique of light patterns upon the body and face, a striking way to render the familiar unfamiliar and by doing so adding an extra erotic allure, which was the essence of the Surrealist attitude to desire.

29 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 45 (Leebra)

  1. What a clever and playful title. I love it! The photo is very compelling. I like his play with light on skin. I have a favorite photograph of someone, with sunlight making stripes across his body. There is something about that.

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      1. Undoubtedly she was more than the subject, and I think part of the problem with their relationship was she was just as talented as Man Ray. Both were strong willed individuals and this kind of rivalry couldn’t have been good for their romantic relationship. However I love both of them and don’t want to take away anything for either of them, so I try to appreciate their collaboration without getting too involved on who exactly was doing what. I am delighted with the book mentioned in the post, I never tire of looking and reading about Lee. They just don’t seem to make them like that anymore.

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      1. Happy New Year to you too, Mr. Cake, with lots of good writing. The dalmatian in the spotted room is one of Dalí’s paintings. Can you see a Dalmatian in a spotted room? Reminds me of the Zee-bra!

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      2. Happy New Year to you too, Mr. Cake, and wishing you lots of good writing in 2017. Lee-bra / Zee-bra … the dalmatian in the spotted room (can you see it?) is one of Dalí’s paintings. I grow ever more attracted to the amazing skill apparent in his works.

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  2. I am struck by the exactness of the lines in this photo. I’ve seen and taken plenty of photos in my time of light patterns, but these are so crisp. I imagine some kind of special filter was used to intentionally cast it that way, or was he just in the right place at the right time?

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