The High Places

Sammy Slabbinck

I seek the high places
Where the atmosphere scarifies the lungs
Nothing moves here except the play of
Vision inducing light indicting the unknowing;
And the sombre ballet of the cloud-sculpture
That dissipates and re-forms to always return again
But down there below teems with a writhing life
Paying homage to King TrickTrick
Everything that breathes
Worships at the altar and places offerings
To the Father of this World and Our Lady of Pain
Because Nature is his Church
A ceaseless sacrifice of
Endlessly flowing blood and decaying flesh
Ensuring the constant renewal of their pleasure
And their eternal vampiric existence

I am past such concerns
No longer weighed down by
The weightlessness of Being and Becoming
I await the necessary forgetting
To repeat again the same mistakes
At some other time, in some other place.


43 thoughts on “The High Places

  1. Mr. Cake, “The High Places” is a superb poem, and I love that you paired it with a Slabbinck. Bravo, you have achieved a sense of a disjointed reality, while waiting for another. Yet the odd thing about each reality is the knowing of waiting for the next, while all else is irrelevant. “Our Lady of Pain”, so good, and darn so true, that is if you’re a fatalist. So many great lines. When did you write this?

    Do we sacrifice in one life so that we may have another, if only to sacrifice again in the hope of yet another?

    Really thought-provoking, I hope I’m not completely off the mark. ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Another nap special… I watched Planet Earth 2 the other night and it reminded me of the line in Anti-Christ, Nature is Satans church, which is a very Gnostic thing to say, so add a little Nietzsche plus the ending from that neglected badly written visionary classic A Voyage to Arcturus plus a lot of Cake. As for Our Lady of Pain and King TrickTrick, well I want to echo Blake when I say I have to create my own system or be enslaved by another mans. Not that I am a patch on that strange genius. Thank you for the comments, I wrote it and I saw the Slabbinck and I thought perfect. Sorry this response is probably as clear as mud.

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      1. You’re most welcome Mr. Cake. The influence of the nap, how wonderful that you are able to produce such otherworldly work. Your subconscious serves you well. Mud is spectacular, it’s what settles out of the mud that shows itself as truth… Now that’s clear.

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      2. I replied to your earlier comment by e-mail. In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which is a guide to re-incarnation, the advise is to avoid flashing red light, because that is a low womb and your next incarnation will be miserable. Also you have to let go and forget this life because otherwise you will become a pallid ghost, a source of terror to your loved ones.

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  2. The world is a vampire… This is dark and wonderful, full of circle of life futility. Waiting the next life and forgetting everything to have another go round at it again. Now, let’s find a way to cheer you up, shall we? How about this… you are an amazing writer, dear Cake.

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  3. I am past such concerns
    No longer weighed down by
    The weightlessness of Being and Becoming
    I await the necessary forgetting
    To repeat again the same mistakes
    At some other time, in some other place.

    Just wow!! I am here thinking of what could have crossed your mind to write such a masterpiece!

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    1. Thank you very much Miss Bookish… I usually write poems after a nap, I also have my influences who I suppose I have to acknowledge. Nietzsche came up with the idea of the Eternal Return… time is a cycle and we live this life over and over again. Nietzsche also liked mountains and I watched a movie Clouds of Sils Maria, Sils Maria is where he came up with the idea of the eternal return. I bet you wish you never asked now, thanks so for the lovely comment.


      1. Well, I am a curious person. And no, I can’t regret that. To know what backstory or an epiphany, a writer had while creating something so spectacular. I haven’t watched watched the movie. May be I should and get my own insight. Haha! Are you reading something of Nietzsche’s?

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      2. Not at the moment but I have quite a lot of his work. He was an atheist but he was concerned with the nihilism that is inherent in atheism so he adapted the idea from Buddhism to give weight to our actions, because you will relive them over and over again. My stories I write more carefully, for my poems I use what comes to me when I’m asleep (I can go ages without writing one).

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  4. I love this poem, and your entire blog! πŸ™‚ Thanx so much for The Follow, too. I am very new here, so don’t know half of the features yet, in this realm.. but am thrilled, not least about this blog.

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