Burning, Golden

Max Ernst

The light of a hundred-
Thousand dying stars
Blaze and fade, behind my eyes.

Dripping and melting
Beyond the event horizon
The world is on fire
Finally, at long last, burning edging golden

I wait for you
At the abandoned terraced restaurant
On the deserted beach
The terminus for all my dreams

I see you approach golden and burning
Drawing on the sweetly poisonous cigarette
I stand up and start to say Hell—
But you smile,
Place a finger on my lips
Ssshhh you say, close your mouth
Keep quiet, haven’t you learnt
Anything by now
Words can only betray the intention
Increase uncertainty, sow discord
And confusion, tarnish the golden truth
Within your burning heart
Don’t you know what silence is?
The prelude to the perfect kiss
It tends towards the innocence,
Takes us back to the burning,
Golden Age when gold wasn’’t
The measure of men
And all things.
Just close your eyes and take my hand
Follow me to that
Golden burning world.


40 thoughts on “Burning, Golden

  1. Hmm… where to start? Let me first say the selection of the Max Ernst is fantastic, it looks much like a mandala, how perfect! And the colors are magnificent. Bravo, “Burning, Golden” is stunning and so dreamy with all the beautiful golden imagery and the visuals in motion, “Drawing on the sweetly poisonous cigarette” and “Ssshhh you say, close your mouth”, just to mention a few lines. Mr. Cake this is so lovely, transporting the reader throughout time, “to that Golden burning world.” Love this!
    ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you very much Miss Cranes, it is a later Ernst and a very gorgeous one. In the poem I tried to make it hypnotic with the repetition of burning and golden, hopefully it works and isn’t merely repetitious. I’m at that empty beach again.

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  2. “I wait for you / At the abandoned terraced restaurant / On the deserted beach” … so much potential in these three dream-scape lines alone … terminus / terminal … the end or in reality a new beginning? “Just close your eyes and take my hand …” great words, great images …

    Liked by 1 person

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