The Gods Have Gone Now


The gods have gone now
Departed for dimensions elsewhere
Wotan and the Wild Hunt
Ride no more recklessly
Across storm riven skies
Their magic has moved on
Fated to fade away

Once the aether was alive
Elementals oversaw Earth
Over dale and under drumlins
In the forests and fjords
Every stream and stone
Pulsed with presiding life
A harmony beyond history

The seers and sages do say
That everything finally ends
The world grows weary
Creation returns to chaos
By flood and wintry famine
Brothers shed twin’s blood
All life consumed in conflagration

The Earth is emptier now
Devoid of its ruling daemons
Only hearsay emits from Heaven
No signs to read in the stars
People used to be a part
But humanity is now the whole
Nature silent and enslaved.


26 thoughts on “The Gods Have Gone Now

  1. Great pairing again and I love the painting. We have night skies like that round here: very scary. I once saw the clouds pouring over the mountains in Northern Spain like a cataract of water. St. James and his Horsemen … that’s what the locals called it … Santiago y sus caballeros.

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    1. Thank you, I went old school on this one, my attempt at Old English/Old Norse alliteration, which I haven’t followed very strictly. I think a thing for Norse mythology, and the disenchantment of the world.


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