Dreams of Desire 42 (In the Box-Horizontal)

Ruth Bernhard-In the Box-Horizontal 1962

The German born American photographer Ruth Bernhard stunning nude study of a dreaming women, sleeping inside a box that is positioned in the foreground of a depthless space thematically and technically recalls the work of Man Ray (Dreams of Desire 4 (Homage to De Sade), Dreams of Desire 25 (Return to Reason), Jacques-Andre Boiffard (Dreams of Desire 13 (Serene Beauty) and others from the Golden Age of Surrealism.

39 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 42 (In the Box-Horizontal)

  1. I’ll make the obvious connection – Boxing Helena. I don’t find this all that disturbing, however… Its more like the box is a shelter from the void beyond. I really do wish she’d tuck her left arm inside, though. This is gorgeous, Cake. Thank you for sharing

    I did not finish my School of Sade writing tip… I’ll try again for next week.

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    1. I haven’t actually seen that movie. I also find this gorgeous, I think it is very much to do with form and space, but that kind of waffle makes my eyes glaze over. i am very behind as well, will be over to catch up on Breaking Bread shortly.

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      1. Perhaps ironic isn’t the correct term. More like a criticism of the objectification of women that the surrealists have so often been accursed of. I never really brought that argument though, and as Bernhard was un-apologetically bisexual I don’t believe it applies to this photograph at all. I think it is exercise in form and depth.

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      2. Well if there is one thing that makes my eyes glaze over more than discussion on form is censorious feminist re-readings of Surrealism, which is grossly unfair considering the number of women artists in the movement.

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    1. I would agree, a part of her is escaping the confines of the box into the depthless dreamscape that makes up the majority of the photograph. I certainly do not find the image obscene. It has a rare formal perfection.


      1. They are all quality! I’m afraid I fail at art critique. I just see a lovely naked woman in a frame…when I’m sure the artist meant to make it speak a certain way.

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