Dreams of Desire 38 (Night Train)

Paul Delvaux-Night Train 1947
Paul Delvaux the obsessive painter of nudes was briefly associated with the Surrealist movement in the mid 1930’s and the dream-world presented in his canvases shows the influence of De Chirico (the originator of so many Surrealist careers) and his fellow Belgian Rene Magritte in the use of a dry academic painterly style and bizarre juxtapositions. However his vision of a silent Belle Epoque city frozen in time and filled with statuesque nudes reclining or walking down colonnaded streets past skeletons or bowler hatted men is uniquely his own and produces a vague sensation of unease and anxiety.

27 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 38 (Night Train)

  1. Very interesting painting. Is that on a train? I wonder where it’s going. I might catch a ride. Though naked ladies should look a little happier. I want to see the skeletons and bowler hat ones too. Sounds pretty cool. 🙂

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    1. The train is to the top left hand corner. The ladies are half way between objects of desire and statues so they need to retain an air of mystery. Almost every painting he did features nudes so I will post again, with a skeleton!

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      1. Ah, I see the train. On my little screen it’s hard to see all the detail. Yes, they do seem mysterious. I like the previous comment on the big bush. I like that aesthetic, lol. Yes, post again, thanks!

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  2. I love this painting Mr. Cake, it’s fascinating and odd. The mirror image is off and I can tell exactly why. I like that the train in ready to make an entrance, which would be spectacular. The more I look at the painting the more unsettling it becomes, yet I find myself smiling. So much detail, and the women look frozen in time. Wonderful painting by Paul Delvaux, and a lovely post by you, thank you. ~ Miss Cranes

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    1. Thank you Miss Cranes, I agree about the still, frozen quality in this painting. Delvaux loved trains and they feature regularly in his work. His world is unique, expect at least two more posts regarding Delvaux. So much to write.


  3. For some reason…I am fixated…on a couple of things in this painting. Well, three if you count the reflection in the mirror. Hmm. Another great post Cake! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  4. Love this one, too. I have a thing for trains, and for hotels, but I’m not certain they are in one. Love the reflection and that she’s cupping her breasts (although, I’m not sure why).

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