The Birthday

The Birthday-Dorothea Tanning 1942
Max Ernst was intrigued when he first saw Dorothea Tanning’s enigmatic self-portrait, which he suggested should be called The Birthday; she agreed that it was an apt choice. After playing chess they fell in love, as Surrealist’s were wont to do. They married in 1946 in a joint wedding with Man Ray and Juliet Browner. They remained together until Ernst’s death in 1976. She would outlive Ernst by a further 36 years, living to the grand old age of 102, the last of the Surrealists.

A writer as well as a painter, Tanning’s memoir is entitled Birthday.


34 thoughts on “The Birthday

      1. Absolutely. I’m biased though. Attraction is very fickle and yet it’s the crux of the romance. It’s wonderful that they stayed together for so long. I sometimes wonder what would happen, and this would be a surrealist novel idea, let’s say a man woke up every morning and every single woman in the world was exactly his type. Cloned to his exact specifications. If his tastes changed the clones would change. Do you imagine that would be a nightmare? But would men do if they weren’t distracted so much by the hunt.


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