Dreams of Desire 29 (Sitting Nude)

Sitting Nude-Toyen 1932
As I have noted in my previous posts on the leading Czech Surrealist Toyen, she was obsessed with the erotic and all through her life she produced remarkable line drawings of a directly pornographic nature. The drawings usually feature sleeping women dreaming of huge phalluses. Also predominate are labia-like flowers, allusions to vaginal openings and a myriad of tongues and brightly lipstick-painted mouths.

Above is one of her less explicit drawings, however the sitting nude radiates a full and frank sensuality and this charming drawing has an undeniable attraction.

51 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 29 (Sitting Nude)

      1. Mr. Cake, I think we have a similar love of art, so you’re in good company.

        How much do you like, The Hanged Man?

        By the way, I’m having terrible connection issues, so if I disappear I hope you’ll understand.

        Miss Cranes

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      2. I love the Hanged Man, my card though is 1. The Magician or The Juggler depending upon the pack. As above, so below. An illusionist, a trickster with the secret of the stars and the underworld within his fingers

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      3. To come up here has a lot of tarot references. The first piece Elsewhere is unnumbered, the dreamer is kind of autobiographical and I identify with the magician. I went to 23 though as opposed to 21 because I like the 23 enigma and because the Alice book chapters add up to 24, 12 in each and because 24 is the reverse of 42 which was very important to Carroll

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      4. As a mathematician he was obsessed with numbers obviously, the very short chapters in through the looking glass was to make it up to 12 chapters to mirror in wonderland and add up to 24 to mirror 42.

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      5. True, I believe that is one theory. The reason I asked, is that I’m attempting to finish a post for tomorrow. It’s called “The Hanged Man”, which touches on the card itself and interpretation. I really didn’t want to have to explain the reading of the card, etc.

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      6. I am looking forward to reading it now even more than I look forward to your Monday post… It is a mysterious card, the 12th or the 13th card depending if you count the fool as the first or the last card, I have a big thing for numbers

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      7. I always thought The Fool was “zero”, there is much significance in that. Yes, The Hanged Man is a very complex and mysterious card.

        I hope you’re not let down, and I hope you will view the video, it’s well done, beautiful to watch and the lyrics are spot on in a round about way.

        Love numbers here, too! If I remember correctly, 36 is an important number, and any derivative of 6.

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      8. I have always gone as the fool as zero as well. Eternal recurrence plays a part though, from the world we return to the fool as the last/first card and start again. 36 is very important, 12 x 3, the decans in astrology are 36×10 to equal 360. The Aztec year was 360 plus the 5 sinister days. And of course 360 is a full circle. 6 is important, half of twelve, twelve months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 inches to a foot, double 3 which of course is the magic number, the trinity, triangle. Sorry going on a bit here.

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