Dreams of Desire 28 (Nude Bent Forward)

Nude Bent Forward-Lee Miller 1931
This beautiful and intriguing study was made by the American Surrealist photographer Lee Miller (see Surrealist Women: Lee Miller and Portrait of Space) in the height of her creative and romantic involvement with Man Ray.

Although the immediate impression is that the shoulders are at the bottom edge with the buttocks towards the top, it could also be argued that the reverse is in fact the reality; which makes Miller’s photograph a excellent illustration of the Surrealist principle of questioning perception.


19 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 28 (Nude Bent Forward)

  1. It’s really an awesome photograph. And it makes me ponder how exciting it must have been to be experimenting with photography at such a time. Today, it’s so easy for anyone to take a picture, but to create art with it is an entirely different matter.

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