Time and Again

Time and Again-Yves Tanguy 1942
The works of the self-taught French Surrealist Yves Tanguy were a breakthrough for pictorial Surrealism. His precise, limpid vision of a completely alien world with barely a reference to any recognisable terrestrial fauna and flora, populated instead with ‘bio-morphs’ that convey an almost unbearable sense of loneliness and desolation. The style and the depth-less horizons influenced Salvador Dali who adapted it with great success for his considerably more sensational paintings.

Yves Tanguy’s second marriage was to the American Surrealist painter Kay Sage (see Surrealist Women: Kay Sage) whose own unique paintings, although of the future and incorporating architectural elements, also presents a world devoid of humanity

25 thoughts on “Time and Again

  1. So hard not to psychoanalyze, but I love this. The repetition of certain shapes and color patterns help focus the eye and keep you gazing at the lonely weirdness. I’m so enjoying these lessons on surrealism, particularly as someone who studied cubism and abstract expressionism but not surrealism.

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