Dreams of Desire 20 (Size & Scale)

Etudes de Nu-Germaine Krull
Another striking photographic composition by Germaine Krull (Dreams of Desire 18) with its suggestion of Alice in Wonderland changes in size and scale. Has she woken up to find that she has shrunk during her sleep or has the bed somehow expanding to gigantic proportions? The dynamic pose makes it seem like she has discovered the secret of flight and is about to soar into the air. The interplay between light and shadow upon the body renders the photograph and its subject even more enigmatic.

9 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 20 (Size & Scale)

  1. The slight blurring makes it seems like she’s moving. That’s my kind of bed. As long as it’s the same size when I wake as when I went to sleep…. Was Germaine going for an Alice In Wonderland feeling with this? And of course, a stunning model.

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