Dreams of Desire 17 (Belle Du Jour)

Belle Du Jour 1967
In what may or may not be a dream scene (but what parts of the movie couldn’t be construed as either a dream or a fantasy) the incomparable Catherine Deneuve as Severine/Belle Du Jour, the haute bourgeois housewife turned daytime prostitute accepts the invitation of a sinister, decadent Duke to take part in a ‘very moving ritual’ at his country Chateau.


31 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 17 (Belle Du Jour)

  1. I have a confession to make. I kept reading your blog name as, “Cake for Breakfast,” because that’s exactly what I would do. I love Catherine. She is still a stunning beauty after all these years. I was telling a friend recently that we should hang out in coffins for fun. She thought it would be great fun. I wonder where we got that idea.

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    1. Well cake is for any time. It’s from a comedy sketch and I liked the absurdity of it, plus I connected to Marie Antoinette and also the Marquis De Sade’s famous sweet tooth, he was constantly asking his wife when he was in prison to send him cake, as well as other things. I have a sweet tooth as well

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    2. As for Catherine Deneuve she is one of my favorites, she is still stunning even now, compare her to Brigitte Bardot who hasn’t aged well at all, she seems perfectly charming and natural, she is the epitome of class. She was the perfect ice maiden because it seemed like she had an untouchable, pure core that never be sullied

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  2. Wow I will have to see this movie. Have a running joke about DeNeuve, we have an Aussie Jewish friend who loves her eve though she is 20+ years his senior. Once he claimed to have run into her in a grocery store in the Upper West Side (Manhattan) Gristledes and we were like, Dan I don;t think so. She surely lives in Paris and has someone do her shopping for her.

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    1. She lives in a chateau outside of Paris…I have seen her interviewed in England and she seems charming…I am a huge admirer (obviously) and wish I had seen in her shopping you’re man Dan is lucky (though you are probably right)

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      1. I like Helen Mirren she probably isn’t very well know other your way but a classy lady…I have run into a fair few in my working career…usually dont leave a great impression


      1. Deneuve is in a polanski movie from 65 called Repulsion, a very disturbing movie,Deneuve is a repressed Belgian girl in London undergoing a crisis…very good though as I mentioned in my earlier Deneuve post she seems to bring the sadist out in directors, she is the ideal heroine that never was of a Hitchcock movie


  3. Maybe she refused. Or maybe she didn’t speak English? He also had enough women under contract with him who fit the bill. Now he might have been weird, a bit of a stalker, very possessive of his women, and sadistic, but it was so worth it for those films he made.


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