Dreams of Desire 12 (The Lovers)

Observatory Time-The Lovers 1936-Man Ray
One of the most famous Surrealist images are of Lee Miller’s lips hovering in the sky and dominating the landscape, painted by her former lover Man Ray. After the ending of their affair and professional partnership Man Ray would use isolated parts of Lee Miller in many different works; most notable in its bitterness is the Indestructible Object (Or Object to be Destroyed) which features a cut-out from a photograph of Miller’s eye attached to a pendulum of a metronome. The work has the following instructions; ‘Cut out the eye from the photograph of one who has been loved but is seen no more. Attach the eye to the pendulum of a metronome and regulate the weight to suit the tempo desired. Keep going to the limit of endurance. With a hammer well-aimed, try to destroy the whole at a single blow.’ However they were soon back on good terms and would remain friends until Man Ray’s death in 1976. Miller would die a year later.

13 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 12 (The Lovers)

  1. Have you read Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel, in which he assert his father was the Black Dahlia killer and he draws comparisons between the Surrealists’ images of partitioned women and the partitioned Dahlia…

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    1. I haven’t I must read it…the whole eye piece is shocking…i wonder though if the whole partitioning idea tells us something about male desire? That tendency to isolate and focus on a particular part of the body?


  2. Wonderful post Mr. Cake, as you know I’m quite fond for these two. I’m delighted that you spoke about Ray’s “Indestructible Object”, it captures his feelings so well, displaying such raw and vulnerable emotions. Have a good weekend. ~ Mia

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