Dreams of Desire 11 (Simple and Quiet Painting)

Simple and Quiet Painting-Martial Raysse 1965
I saw this Simple and Quiet Painting (actually an assemblage of silkscreen, photography and plastic flowers) in Cologne recently and was drawn in by the vibrant colours and witty composition. Also a reminder (if one was needed) that Pop Art owed a considerable debt to Dada.


14 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 11 (Simple and Quiet Painting)

      1. I shall flatter you too! Good eye, Cake! But really, art is so subjective. What draws you in may repel another. And just like poetry it speaks to you in very personal ways. I’m sure my attraction to this work is different from what attracted you. I’m in a place where I need peace and rest and perhaps a little solitude. That’s what that piece says to me.

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      2. I think that is what the piece is trying to say that even in this neon lit day-glo world it is still possible for unself conscious innocence to exist for even for just a moment… That my subjective take on it anyway

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