Dreams of Desire 10 (Sisters of the Immaculate Silk Stockings)

Clovis Trouille-Dialogue au Carmel  1944
Another painting from Trouille representing the dubious Sisters of the Immaculate Silk Stocking. This one has it all; lustrous drapes, cigarette smoking, a crucifix, a skull and moulded phallic candles.

23 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 10 (Sisters of the Immaculate Silk Stockings)

    1. Thank you, the Catholic nations of Europe has a rich history of delighting in blasphemy which just doesn’t translate to Protestantism. This is very evident in Surrealism as a whole that was originally a French movement and had heavy back up from the Spanish. It reminds me of Bunuel’s comment ‘Thank God I’m an atheist’

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      1. Ah, he was amazing. Just went to an exhibit of his scientific talents. Amazing. He wrote a letter to the king of Spain(I think) and outlined his many talents. It was fascinating.

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