Dreams of Desire 4 (Homage to De Sade)

Man Ray-Homage to D.A.F De Sade 1933
Man Ray’s fine piece of Surrealist provocation Homage to D.A.F De Sade combines eroticism with blasphemy. The photograph is a knowing nod to De Sade’s proclivities while the inverted cross is a reference to De Sade’s ferocious anti-clericalism.

32 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 4 (Homage to De Sade)

    1. I have to defend the Marquis here which is very difficult as I his longer works horrible and certainly is behaviour was in certain cases wrong. However although he was a member of a protected caste (until the revolution anyway) he also had powerful enemies and in total he spent 37 years in prison and asylums including decades when he was locked up to protect his in-laws good name or just because Napoleon didn’t like him. His few genuine crimes were a false imprisonment charge with blasphemous implications
      and an orgy that got out of hand.

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      1. This is why I say – I have read what he allegedly did. All the satanism etc….. is written by not him but other people. Yes, he clearly wasn’t afraid of taboo subjects – does this make him evil, insane. He was indeed a revolutionary.

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      2. He was constantly outraged and he could be very unpleasant. Every regime locked him up, monarchical, republican and imperial, probably no system of government could allow his constant provocations


    2. Sorry that reply isn’t complete, so yes heavy shit but although he committed every conceivable crime in his imagination in real life no. There is a welter of solid biographical information about De Sade, including the heavy police surveillance reports of him, so some of the wilder legends about him are just that, legends. And when the revolution did come he didn’t take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the chaos, he lived a quiet life with his devoted mistress and even saved the life of his hated mother-in-law, he was one of the first and most eloquent campaigners against the death penalty. So a sexual obsessive yes but not a monster.

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  1. No – you are not at all. I actually had similar thoughts that he got a bad rap. I was always drawn to what I thought was his darkness but I see that as something more real now- not dark as in evil but enlightening . It is hard to explain…. The winners write history and that doesn’t make it the truth at all… Sexual perversion isn’t a great quality but neither is perversion of humanity. Sex is a natural act – without it- no one would be on this planet. We are a curious species. Forever experimenting , seeking, wanting, feeling.


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