Dreams of Desire 2 (The Enchanted Tea-Party)


Unlike Man Ray witty use of Magritte painting ‘I do not see the (Woman) hidden in the forest’ in his photograph as a visual clue to what dreams are made of, Roland Penrose simply captures the moment that the four sitters (Lee Miller, Leonora Carrington, Nusch Eluard and Aby Fidelin) have fallen under an enchantment and into a shared reverie. The inevitable conclusion is that the dreams of women remain inaccessible.

21 thoughts on “Dreams of Desire 2 (The Enchanted Tea-Party)

  1. Dear partner in crime, you’ve written a poem that is a jewel…a masterpiece of erotica with a message. “Occultistry” . I would love to reblog and share this piece but only with your permission on the presumption this poem was meant for a specific individual and I wouldn’t want to break that spell. If I don’t hear from you on this I will consider it a no go. Have a lovely day.

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      1. You are definitely not silly and unlike my teachers at school I highly prize over active imaginations. I have rather odd ideas about the true nature of writing which I believe is related to magic so of course I wanted it to cast a spell!

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